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This e-zine is no longer being published. You can take a look at all or any of the past issues by clicking on the titles below.

"Getting to the Point" Newsletter Testimonials:

"Doug, I look forward to your newsletter each month, please keep sending them. Also, I love the 'Others have said' part. Keep Riding Hard..." ---Mike

"Doug, Absolutely the best article I have read in months! It made my day and reminded me of my own tendency to relax my preparation." ---Wayne

"Doug, Great newsletter! I've forwarded it to several people…" ---Len

past issues:

Pouring Concrete
Moving the Fulcrum
What's Your Story
Your Business Announcer Has Left the Building
Pull, Don't Push
What Are You Detecting?
The Scoop on More Profit
Nothing Happens Until Something is Sold
What Trip Have You Planned for Your Business?
Help, I never needed anybody's help in any way...
Step 4 of a 3 Step Process
It's A Slump
There Goes Another One
Message in a Bottle
He Who Speaks First, Loses
The Multiplyer Effect
WAIT, That's Not What I Meant
Are You a Stairmaster?
Drafting Teamwork
Please Move Your Car; I've Got a Business to Build
Just What Do You Do All Day?
Painters Paradox
Drivers Wanted. I Delegate.
Who Is Changing the Oil in Your Business?
Perception is Reality
Stop Chewing and Start Chopping the Fat in 2006!
The Next Step for 2006
Living Up to Your Potential in 2006
Don't Look Back
Being Captain Obvious
The Answer? Simple.
That Won't Work!
Building Invisible Fences
Creating the Business of Your Dreams
Stuck in the Slow Lane?
You're On Your Own With This Topic
Please, Would You Get ON the Phone?
Hiding in Plain Sight
Simplify and Focus
Living Without the Web
Attitude is Everything
"The Main Thing is to Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing."


"A man's mind stretched by a new idea can never go back to its original dimensions." ---Oliver Wendel Holmes

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